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Redville PD Protocol







Use of Firearms

Open carry is prohibited for officers.

In the case an officer shoots a civilian by mistake, they have to tend to their wounds.

Robbery Situation

During a robbery situation, you are expected to try to reason with the robber, but if the are a dangerous threat, try to neutralize them.

If you manage to arrest them, please do so for 20 minutes.

Searches/Traffic Stops

House/Property Search

You are not allowed to search a players house without any prior questioning or a search warrant.

Traffic Stop

You are allowed to stop a vehicle if you see suspicious activity. However you can issue a search IF the player has a warrant.

Player Possessing Firearm

If a player is carrying a weapon without a license, arrest them for 10 minutes along with frisking them.

Player Expectations

As a player you are expected to promote counter play. Do not try to glitch out of jail or anything similar to that.