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What is the difference between a rent, sell, and buy region/property?

  • A rent property is one that you can pay for a limited amount of days of use. It clears after you do not extend the time
  • A contract property is the same thing, but it automatically takes money out of your CASH, not bank.
  • A buy property you own forever.

What do I do if there is no RP happening currently?

You do jobs since they give you money. You can also go on our discord for LFG or ask a staff member/host to host an event. (Not all staff like pinging so please do not ping them.)

How do I create a shop?

To create a shop, hold out an item and punch a chest you own, then it will prompt you on what the price to be. Type the price in chat, then now you own your own shop. To stock it, put the item in the chest. To change the price do /shop price and look at it (costs $50). To change the item do essentially the same thing you do for price, but type in /shop item.