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Important Announcement on Staff
4 months ago


Hello it’s been awhile, on the behalf of the staff team, we would like to apologize for the lack of communication and support. We have had issues in the past on a lack of care on building this community and giving a good experience to players. We have had issues with staff being irresponsible, giving themselves things, bigotry, and being overall immature. I apologize for not holding them accountable for their actions or doing much to stop them. I will be more strict in the future on that. To keep roleplay and this server alive we will offer a few things:

- new guns (soon)

- vehicles?  (soon)

- n...

Big News
4 months ago

So in the new income of players being mainly Java ones, we have decided mainly focus towards Java and will be removing bedrock support in the near future this will allow us to innovate the server to have bigger and better features.


(P.S, Bedrock players on PC can get Java for free!)

Sincerely - Fantastic

4 months ago

Well our old website was kind of limited, so I couldn't improve it much, but now I paid for my own web server and we have our own email. So welcome to the new website!